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“I’m here to provide you a whole new point of view of our beloved city”


Name: Ana.

Born and raised in Havana city

Age: 19.

Languages: Spanish and English.

Profession: History student.

Are you interested in Cuba’s culture and folklore?

Ana is a college student and a comic illustrator, with the enthusiastic spirit that you are certainly looking for to connect with Havana city and its people. As your guide, she will lead you to explore a new side of Havana’s cultural life, helping you to “Experience real Havana”. She is here to offer you a panoramic view of the different elements that shape Cuban culture as rich and exotic as itself.

She will guide you through that amazing mix of music, dance and arts, which is always there for you to enjoy in Havana. Ana is going to take you to festivals and fairs held every year in this beautiful city, which attracts people from different nationalities and cultures.

Reliable, friendly and spontaneous person that will make you feel like at home. She can also help you to understand the Cuban reality from a young perspective.

Other expertise:

  • Translation (English-Spanish and Spanish-English).
  • Helping you to acquire handmade Cuban souvenirs.
  • Keep you informed about the main cultural events taking place in Havana and interesting community projects.
  • Show you how the Cuban contemporary comic expresses our manners, problems and traditions.


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