Havana Music World Festival (March 23-26)


APRIL, 2017


Diversity is always a good thing but when it comes to art –especially music- it can be awesome. That’s why Havana World Music is so special for musicians all over the world. In the same place, you can find bands playing rock and roll, salsa and rap among many other interesting rhythms. It is amazing to see how people from different countries, ages and social backgrounds mix each other to generate such a good vibe. That’s why this festival is growing every year. The last edition – which took place only a few days ago – the Cuban Art Factory had not enough room and the organizing committee – chaired by the young Cuban singer M Alfonso- decided that most of the concerts would occur at Havana’s Metropolitan park.   

Photograph by Sveto Nikic.

There were great bands performing on March 25th. The fleet (Cuba), Macon (Norway), Lady Moscow (Norway), Mexican Dub Wiser (Mexico) and Havana D’ Primera (Cuba) are just a few examples. There are some things that should be pointed out about the two Cuban projects. If you are a salsa lover, Havana D’ Primera -led by Alexander Abreu- is just what you’re looking for.

 Its contagious rhythm and amazing energy will make you feel and dance like a Cuban every time you hear it.

Regarding the fleet, it is an ensemble of four very talented Cuban musicians: X Alfonso (bass), David Blanco (leading guitar), Ernesto Blanco (guitar) and Hissy (drums). They play an interesting mix of Cuban rhythms, rock and roll and blues. They all have established careers on their own, but the way they play together is spectacular.

They finished their outstanding performance singing Black or White – the famous Michael Jackson’s song- with M Alfonso and it was beautiful. That’s why music lovers all over Havana city hope that the fleet keeps sailing in the Cuban musical panorama, a great way to keep embracing diversity.

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