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Havana Music World Festival

Havana Music World Festival (March 23-26) 15 APRIL, 2017 Havana Cuba Diversity is always a good thing but when it comes to art –especially music- it can be awesome. That’s why Havana World Music is so special for musicians all over the world. In the same place, you...

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Havana City’s Historic Five Squares

Havana City's Historic Five Squares 05 APRIL, 2017 Havana Cuba Sun, sand, and the sea are the most obvious attractions of Cuba but not the only. Each of the cities in Cuba offers a fascinating variety of natural beauty spots and sites of particular interest. Havana...

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Great Havana Guides

The guides were not the only good thing that happened. The price was the ultimate. Thoroughly enjoyed myself! I will definitely be recommending you guys!


Havana here I come!

Havana is a beautiful place. Having this great tour guides made it such a memorable trip for me and my partner. The activities are numerous […]


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