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Local, knowledgeable and affordable. What else could you ask for!

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Our customer service is one of a kind + absolute customization!

Our Story

We are a group of university students and professionals specializing in providing personalised travel services to the visitors of Havana, Cuba.

It is our mission to provide you the best possible experience in our city. In doing so, we will take you to the best spots in town and make sure you experience the real life of a Havana local.

Known as the city that never sleeps, Havana is one of the fastest changing cities in the world and without our guidance visitors often miss some of the best experiences that can make their vacation unforgettable. 

Whether you choose to travel on your own, with a group of friends, or with your family “Experience Real Havana” is here to connect you with the culture and the people of this authentic place!  

  • Professionalism 100%
  • Local Expertise 100%
  • Affordability & Reliability 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100%
  • Tours Customization 100%

What We Offer

Comfort and safety

All of our guides are licensed with the Cuban Ministry of Tourism and are thoroughly screened prior to employment. It is their job to ensure that you feel secure, relaxed and confident when using our services. You will be personally guided by one of our tour guide of your choice during the time that you request the service.

We customize your tour 

We provide the tours by your desire and needs.

“Experience Real Havana” tour guides are specialized in customizing your tour around your interests so that you are able to experience Havana your way.

The goal is for our customers to take the best souvenirs that will always be in their heart.

We connect you with locals.

You are adventurous meaning you don’t want to only stick to the main tourist attractions.

Our tour guides will connect you with the local people and their culture.

For instance, you may want to experience a taxi ride in 1958 Chevy together with locals, or want to buy fresh fruits on the local green market, or play dominos with the best domino players in the world, drink rum and smoke cigars just like the locals do, or test your sport history with the locals in Central Park.

Wherever your imagination takes you we are here for you to “Experience Real Havana “.

Our Tour Guides

Our tour guides are our strength!

They are well educated -starting with university students to PhD graduates … and very knowledgeable about the city of Havana, its culture, people, sites of interest, and history …especially Havana’s night life!

They all have different backgrounds -from history, and music to tourism …but most importantly their positive and friendly attitude are the best quality you can ask for.

Our guides’ interesting stories about Havana let’s you live this city like the locals do.

Choose the tour guide you like the most, whose expertise are closest to what you want to experience in this amazing city.

Get ready to experience the best of Havana!   


Experience Real Havana

We are a group of university students and professionals specializing in providing personalised travel services to the visitors of Havana, Cuba. 

Telephone Havana: +5358871984 and +53 53228529
Telephone Canada: 1 204 797 8614

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